The 8th Istanbul International Go Tournament

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All Go players are invited to participate in the Istanbul International Go Tournament which will be marking its 8th anniversary this year on the 11th and 12th of October. The 8th Istanbul International Go Tournament is sponsored by Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Şişli Municipality and Kaya Ozalit and registered as a Pandanet European Go Cup Super Tournament. We are looking forward to a broader participation from home and abroad.

This years tournament will be hosting Korean Professional 5 Dan Yun Yeong-seon, 4 time Women's Guksu title holder and 1st Haojue Cup winner.

More information pertaining to Yun Yeong-seon (5Dan) and the planned activities can be found here.

The preregistration period has ended. Thank you for your support and interest. The 8th Istanbul International Go Tournament is open to participation from all go players. All parties interested in participating that have not had the chance to preregister may register on the 11th of October 2008 at 09:00 local time at the tournament venue.

The on-line correction and inquiry form for the 8th Istanbul International Go Tournament can be found here and the updated list of participants is here, please check back often as the list is updated regularly.


Fındıklı Tournament Layout

This year's venue sponsor Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts has generously granted us access to their campus at Fındıklı, allocating the renovated and expanded canteen and Mimar Sinan Hall to our service. A partial map of Istanbul showing the location of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Fındıklı Campus from google can be found here. Public transportation details and directions to and from the venue can be accessed via İ.E.T.T.'s site which is Istanbul's main public transportation provider and coordinator.

You can get information on Istanbul including hotels, weather, maps and tips from the web sites below:



You can check the checkfelix web site for flights to Istanbul.


There are trains from Sofia, Belgrade, Bucharest and Budapest(connections from Munich and Vienna) to Sirkeci Station in Istanbul. Main services are:

  • Bosphorus Express: from Bucharest, daily
  • TransBalkan Express: from Budapest via Bucharest, daily
  • Prietenia Express: from Kischinev, daily
  • Balkan Express: from Belgrade via Sofia, daily
  • 1C 90/9 I: from Pythion via Thessalonica, daily (connection from Athens)
  • Istanbul Express: from Munich via Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria

There are two main stations in Istanbul: Sirkeci Station on the European and Haydarpaşa Station on the Asian side. These historic station buildings are nostalgic gateways to the city. Both stations are well equipped with restaurants, newspaper kiosks, waiting rooms and ATMs.

Transfer from Airport to City Center

There are shuttles from airport to city center (Taksim Square) every half hour between 04.00 am and 01.00 am. The cost of the shuttle is €5. If you take a cab, it costs about €20, please note taxi fare depends on the traffic condition and a price range of €20-€30 is common. If you come by car, bus or train let us know your likely arrival time. We will inform you about the route to the city center.


Most European countries do not need visa to enter Turkey up to 90 days or they can obtain visa at the border. Please check the link below to see your country's status. If a visa is required please inquire your local Turkish embassy about the documents, fee and procedure. An invitation letter for visa application can be sent as required. If you require an invitation letter please include a note in travel details in the form below or contact us later.

Expected weather conditions

Will be available 5 days in advance.

For updates and further information please check

Accommodation & Catering

There will be many options around the tournamet venue. Approximately €20 will be enough for standart meals throughout the day. Naturally, there are more luxurious therefore more expensive choices if you prefer.

We recommend participants to choose accommodation options around Fındıklı as it would be easier to get to the tournament site. Namely Beşiktaş, Sultanahmet and Taksim are in the vicinity. Hostels, which accommodate students and non-students alike, can be found and reserved through or Higher class hotels like The Marmara, The Ritz-Carlton, Ceylan Intercontinental, Divan and The Hilton are situated near and around Taksim, which is 2.5 minutes away from the tournament site by funicular. More on hotels and reservation options can be found at and

Tournament Rules

  • Head referree: Mehmet Emin Barsbey
  • Pairing system: McMahon
  • Game rules: Japanese rule set, no handicap
  • Time: 60 min. + 15 moves / 5 min. byo-yomi
  • Komi: 6.5

As an EGF Super Tournament the 8th Istanbul International Go Tournament is bound by the following rules and regulations:

  1. EGF General Tournament Rules
  2. EGF Tournament System Rules
  3. Pandanet European Go Cup Rules

Tournament Schedule

October 11 (Saturday)
09:00 - 09:30 : Finalization of registration
09:45 - 10:00 : Opening ceremony and announcement of pairings
10:00 - 12:30 : Round 1
12:30 - 13:30 : Lunch break
13:30 - 16:00 : Round 2
16:00 - 16:15 : Interim
16:15 - 18:45 : Round 3

October 12 (Sunday)
10:00 - 12:30 : Round 4
12:30 - 13:30 : Lunch break
13:30 - 16:00 : Round 5
16:00 - 16:15 : Interim
16:15 - 18:45 : Round 6
18:45 - 19:00 : Award ceremony and Finale


The tournament results will be submitted to the EGF as required by the EGF for European Go Cup Super Tournaments; thus all participants' results will effect their European Ranking. Points for the European Go Cup will also be granted to the respective winners. Please refer to the Pandanet Go European Cup Prizes & Points page for further details. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. The first five and players showing exceptional performance will also be awarded.


Preregistration is urged and recommended due to organizational conveniences and smooth proceeding of the tournament schedule. Preregistration deadline is October 5th 2008. Registration must be finalized on arrival or at least until 09:30 local time on the 11th of October.

Attention: Preregistration is not equivalent to registering. It is required that preliminary registrants finalize their registration strictly before mentioned deadline.

Since otherwise the proceeding of the tournament schedule will be compromised, participants that do not show up on time on the first day of the tournament without prior notice will be dropped from the tournament.

Entry Fee

The fee for the tournament has been set at €15 for preliminary registrants and €20 for on site registration. Fees for extra activities are not included in the pricing. Please see the extra activities pages for pricing. The IBAN number of The Turkish Go Players' Association for european currency (€) is:
TR62 0006 4000 0024 2130 8164 62
Please include your name, surname and the notice: "8th Istanbul Go Open Entrance Fee".


Participants are urged and expected to register beforehand via below form. Preregistration deadline is October 5th 2008.

Disclaimer: The entire responsibility for valid member status and correctness of the entry form rests solely on the entrant. The organization committee or its subsidiaries can not be held liable for loss, damages or failures of contact and correspondence rising from failure to fill in the form completely or correctly.

Contact Information
Player Information
Travel and Accomodation
Message and notes


Will be announced as registries are confirmed.

# Name Surname Rank City Country Status*
All information pertaining to the entrants are based on their personal input.
The entire responsibility for validity of the above information rests solely on the entrant.
All pre-registrants are denoted with Pre.
Participants of the lessons on Saturday and Sunday are denoted with SS.
Participants of all lessons from Friday thru Sunday are denoted with A.
1 Seul-Ki Hong 7d Ber DE Pre
2 Dejan Krstic 4d Beo RS Pre/A
3 Zoran Jankovic 4d Kra RS Pre
4 Misa Alimpic 3d Kra RS Pre
5 Fatih Sulak 2d Ank TR Pre/A
6 Kerem Karaerkek 2d Nev TR Pre/A
7 Adem Kayatepe 1d Ist TR Pre/SS
8 Atilla Aktuna 1d Ist TR Pre/A
9 Deniz Kutluay 1d Ank TR Pre/A
10 Eren Kurter 1d Ank TR Pre/A
11 Ertuğ Akkol 1d Ist TR Pre/A
12 Hüsrev Aksüt 1d Ank TR Pre
13 Hasan Tahsin Apakan 1d Ank TR Pre/SS
14 Hayri Kılıç 1d Ist TR Pre
15 Ivan Dubakovic 1d Kra RS Pre
16 Mehmet Barış Albayrak 1d Ist TR Pre/A
17 Mehmet Erkam Gürbüzel 1d SZa BG Pre/A
18 Sercan Oruç 1d Ank TR Pre/A
19 Özgür Değirmenci 1k Esk TR Pre/A
20 Doğaç Köse 1k Ist TR Pre
21 Egemen Akgül 1k Bur TR Pre/A
22 Emre Yalçınkaya 1k Ist TR Pre/SS
23 Erkan Karacaoğlu 1k Ank TR Pre
24 Ertan Çakıcı 1k Koc TR Pre/SS
25 Milan Jadron 1k Bra SK Pre
26 Polat Fevzi Dündar 1k Izm TR Pre/A
27 Atahan Kara 2k Koc TR Pre
28 Codin Cocioaba 2k Buc RO Pre
29 Ergün Dündar 2k Ist TR Pre/SS
30 Zeynel Sezgin 2k - TR Pre
31 Şebnem Gürbüzel 3k SZa BG Pre/A
32 Barkın Çelebican 3k Ist TR Pre/A
33 Burak Yeşilyurt 3k Ank TR Pre
34 Hakan Eryargı 3k Ist TR Pre/A
35 Muammer Şimşek 3k Ank TR Pre/SS
36 Mustafa Morca 3k Ank TR Pre
37 Muzaffer Peynirci 3k Ist TR Pre/SS
38 Oktay Uysal 3k Esk TR Pre/A
39 Ozan Can Dönertaş 3k Ist TR Pre/A
40 Süleyman Selman Kılıç 3k Ist TR Pre
41 Serkan Solmazoğlu 3k Ist TR Pre/A
42 Türker Topcu 3k Ank TR Pre/SS
43 Arpad Balazs 4k TMu RO Pre
44 Batuhan Öztürk 4k Ank TR Pre
45 Dora Üner 4k Ist TR Pre/A
46 Murat Gerenlik 4k Ank TR Pre
47 Seda Kalaç 4k Ank TR Pre/SS
48 Turgay Özgün 4k Hat TR Pre/A
49 Özgün Çokgezen 5k Ank TR Pre/A
50 İrem Erman 5k Ist TR Pre/SS
51 Doğukan Sarıkaya 5k Esk TR Pre/A
52 Emre Duman 5k Ist TR A
53 Eren Yalın 5k Ist TR Pre/A
54 Gönül Kalın 5k Esk TR Pre
55 Levent Kömürcü 5k Esk TR Pre
56 Patrik Maček 5k Bra SK Pre
57 Seçkin Boz 5k Izm TR Pre/A
58 Yiğit Akçin 5k Ist TR Pre/A
59 Adem Akgün 6k Ist TR Pre/SS
60 Ali Semih Atalay 6k Ank TR Pre
61 Alper Ülkü 6k Ank TR Pre
62 Aykut Terzi 6k Ank TR Pre
63 Ercan Sağol 6k Esk TR Pre/A
64 Kerem Özenir 6k Ank TR Pre/SS
65 Neslihan Güç 6k Isp TR Pre/A
66 Rana Açıkgöz 6k Ist TR Pre
67 Volkan Burç 6k Ist TR Pre/A
68 Ali Karadeniz 7k Ank TR Pre/SS
69 Güngör Erseymen 7k Ank TR Pre/A
70 Kerem Akyar 7k Ist TR Pre/A
71 Musa Onur Öztürkmen 7k Ank TR Pre
72 Rahman Pampal 7k Ist TR Pre
73 Salih Özkan Dursun 7k Izm TR Pre/SS
74 İlkercan Özoran 8k Ank TR Pre/SS
75 Ahmet Burak Keskin 8k Ist TR Pre
76 Emine Cengiz 8k Esk TR Pre/SS
77 Erdinç Tigin Bilen 8k Esk TR Pre/A
78 Esra Yegül 8k Ist TR Pre/A
79 Mahmut Arslan 8k Ank TR Pre
80 Serap Çoban 8k Ist TR Pre/A
81 Uğur Özkan 8k Ist TR Pre/A
82 Eda Karaerkek 9k Nev TR Pre/A
83 Mehmet Şahin 9k Ank TR Pre/SS
84 Aron Balazs 10k TMu RO Pre
85 Aycan Gülez 10k Ist TR Pre/SS
86 Birand Adal 12k Ank TR Pre/SS
87 Emre İşlek 12k Hat TR Pre/A
88 Erçin Şentürk 12k Esk TR Pre/SS
89 Gözde Karasoy 12k Ist TR Pre/A
90 Kemal Gürbüz 12k Esk TR Pre
91 Cihan Behen 13k Ist TR Pre/A
92 Tolga İskit 14k Esk TR Pre/SS
93 Afşin Hepçilingirler 15k Ist TR Pre/SS
94 Mine Çelik 15k Ank TR Pre/A
95 Alper Ekmekçioğlu 16k Ank TR Pre
96 Fatih Bıkmaz 16k Ist TR Pre/SS
97 Ferhan Yıldızlı 16k Ank TR Pre
98 Sezer İçlikan 16k Ank TR Pre
99 Mustafa Ünalan 17k Ank TR Pre
100 Senem Huriye Erşahin 18k Ank TR Pre/A
101 Hürriyet Ünvan Bıkmaz 21k Ist TR Pre/SS
102 Emrah Ekinci 25k Izm TR Pre/SS
103 Nesli Özkan 25k Izm TR Pre/A
104 Mustafa Mızrak - Ank TR Pre/SS
105 Sinan Arslan - Ist TR Pre/SS
106 Tuana Tayman - Ist TR Pre
107 Umut Serter - Ist TR Pre
108 Volkan Cirik - Ist TR Pre/A